Monday, 26 March 2012

Topshop Makeup

This is just a little post to show my first ever Topshop make up purchases. I have no idea what took me so long as i've always liked the packaging. I guess before I started reading blogs I never heard any reviews and I didn't know about the quality.

So I bought a cream blush in 'Head over heals' which was £6 and a lipstick called 'Rio Rio' for £8.

Cream Blush- Head over heals

I think the quality of this is really good for the price. It's a lovely coral-peach colour which easily blends, as you can see in the picture I have swatched it onto my hand and about that rubbed it in to show you what the colour would look like on the cheeks. It goes fairly sheer to give a nice natural flush.
I find that with my pale skin and green eyes, peachy colours suit me much more than pinker ones (plus I don't wear much pink in general)

Lipstick - Rio Rio

This is a bright matte red with a slight orange undertone. 
Despite being matte, I find the formula very nourishing and it has a satin feel which hydrates the lips. I really like the formula of the Topshop lipsticks and hopefully i'll be investing in more in the near future. Its fairly long lasting and I like to wear it sort of as a tint by really pushing it into the lips, which makes it last longer.

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