Sunday, 1 April 2012


I've been a bit mad with make up recently due to the amazing 3-for-2 Boots offer so I have a lot to show you.. which i'll be doing over the next week or so

I thought I would just do a quick update about Buyapowa, if you've never heard of it before then you've been missing out. Its basically where people can group together and bulk buy products at a reduced rate that would normally be available for companies. Often you can get unto 75% off, the majority of the products are beauty, hair and skin care, however there can be all kinds of accessories ranging from laptops to cars! The price gets driven down with the amount of people that join the co-buy in 48hours, however, they only have a limited number of the product, so you have to be fast!
Better yet, if you refer other people (the most other people) then you can actually get the product for free!

I have actually got involved with two of the co-buys on at the moment:

The Jemma Kidd -Glamour Kit
It is a beautiful eyeshadow palette which has amazing neutral colours, perfect for everyday and also night time classic looks such as the smokey eye. The RRP is £28 and the best price is £11.50! Which is better than half price. So if you're interested click on the link below and don't forget to say who referred you :)

Too Faced Shadow Insurance, Eye shadow primer

I feel these two items go hand in hand perfectly. I unfortunately suffer from oily eyelids (ewww!) and so I find eye shadow difficult to wear without creasing, it hardly lasts any time. Does anyone else have this problem?
So i'm hoping that this might be my answer, its a silicone based primer to protect against creasing, melting and fading eyeshadow.
Has anyone else tried this? Or what other products could you recommend..
The best price for this co-buy is £9 (RRP £16.50) so thats another good saving!

I hope you've had a lovely weekend :) xx

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