Tuesday, 24 April 2012

OPI NYC Ballet Collection

When I saw this collection was reduced on Buyapowa (seriously I'm not sponsored by them or anything but I love itt!) I thought the colours would be perfect for spring/summer.

There are all mini sizes, consisting of 3 lovely neutral colours and a sparkly one.

My Pointe Exactly - This one I think is the most unusual colour, its a light grey but with a touch of purple to it. I really like this as its very different to other colours, normally I would say a grey isn't very spring/summer but the sheerness of all these colour in the collection make them perfect

Don't Touch My Tutu! - A really pale white, its not really creamy, its a hard one to describe but it gives such a lovely polished look, just like a french manicure style.

Care To Danse? - This colour is a really pale lilac, almost white but with a touch of purple/pink. All of these are a lovely sheer colours.

Pirouette My Whistle - A gorgeous silver glitter polish with tiny flecks of sparkle as well as larger hexagonal ones. This is actually my first glitter polish but I really like how this one is subtle and can be put with anything, bright or pastel.

Cate x


  1. These are gorgeous!! Wish I had seen them when they were on Buyapowa!! Lovely blog I am now following! xx

    1. Yeah they are so nice for summer! Awh thanks it means a lot, I'm following you too :) xx