Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Essie Polish

Shock! This won't be anything new to your ears (or eyes.. as you're reading) but when I saw Essie in Boots I had to pick some up! They are my favourite nail polishes, I think their shade range is amazing, and they cost £7.99, so not bad - especially in comparison to OPI or Nails Inc.

I got 2 nice summery colours, and 1 year long round neutral as I love a good neutral nail! :)
from left to right: Turquoise and Caicos (which I think is my fave!) Master Plan and Tarte Deco

I've already put Tarte Deco on my toes as I'm craving it to be summer and to get my feet out in sandals..
Sadly i've got exams before then so I best go and get on with revising for them :( Reading blogs is so much more fun!


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