Friday, 25 May 2012

Graze Box

One of my uni friends recently got a Graze box.. and she gave me a little free code, so I thought i'd try it out.
If you haven't heard about this its basically like a beauty box but for food and they send you 4 healthy snack type items.. I thought it would be perfect thing to nibble on during my exams!
This was my box ..

Tropical daiquiri, The Firecracker, Apple and cinnamon flapjack, Natural vanilla seeds
You can rate the options of things that you like, love or hate - so you are sure to get something that you like and you can choose how often you get them!
Has anyone else tried a Graze Box before?
My favourite item was probably the firecracker, it was like a spicy bombay mix! nomm

And to make things better i've got a code for all of you to try it for free!

If you guys want to try out a free Graze box then all you need to do is go to the website and use this code - 181VTGZ!

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