Monday, 28 May 2012

May GlossyBox

This was my first ever Glossybox and also their 1 year anniversary!
I was very excited for this box and had quite high hopes seeing as it was a special occasion for them. There are a few beauty boxes on the market and after looking into each one, I decided that I would subscribe to Glossybox as I felt it was the most consistent with products what I would be likely to use.

Lotita Lempicka Perfume Samples - Original and L'Eau en Blanc

These are both very unusual perfumes and I don't normally like perfume testers but its nice to have these little spray ones to put in your handbag, especially when the weather is so hot, just to freshen up.
Original - 'An enchanting floral, clear and sensual, and heady nectar of liquorice flower'
L'Eau en Blanc - 'A bouquet of white violets with a hint of raspberry and musk' I think this one smells more fresh and summery.

Collection 2000 - Lasting colour, Gel eyeliner
I like gel eyeliners so I was excited to see this in my box. It looks really wet and shiny when in the pot but it dries quite matte. I would say that it does smudge a bit which is something thats really important to me with an eyeliner, but i'll keep trying it out to see how I get on..

HD Brows - Brow Beater

This is a clear setting gel for your eye brows, I've recently got into filling in my eyebrows - they don't need much as they have a decent shape and are quite dark but I think its nice to add some structure to your face, especially when you're going out. So this is gonna be helpful to set them, it has a nice applicator like a mascara want but curve in an arch and it doesn't leave your brows feeling sticky or stiff. Thumbs up from me! :) 

Noble Isle - Summer Rising Bath and Shower Gel
This is from a new brand and its nice to have a nice summery fragrance to help wake me up in the mornings or freshen me up later in the day. It smells very citrusy and contains elderflower and gooseberry! 

Weleda - Face cream
Well I assume its the face cream but as there is no translation I'm not actually sure.. A little goes a long way and its a very soothing hydrating cream which smells really nice.. sort of like lavender!

Thats it! Happy Birthday GlossyBox!
Did you receive this months glossy box? What were your favourite items?


  1. Looks like you got some good stuff! I'm from the states so we only have Birchbox and some others that I can't remember right now. That gel eyeliner looks really good! I might have to try one. :)

    1. Yeah they are a great idea to try out some new things.. I wouldn't say that is the best budget gel eyeliner i've tried.. I've also got the maybelline one and I think its better.. (gonna do a review on my eyeliners soon so keep watching) ! xx

  2. the bath and shower gel sounds lovely. i adore elderflower :) x

    1. yeah its a lovely summer refreshing smell xx