Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Mumma I'm Gonna Sing..

Ive been wanting a maxi skirt for a long time and I saw this one in New Look back at home, but they didn't have my size so I had to wait till I could get to the one here at uni and yesterday finally I bought two! There were only £14.99 which I thought was a little bargain :)

I got a black and a peachy/nude colour (described as biscuit), which I thought would be nice for summer but I have plans to tie dye it.. not sure what colours yet.. maybe light blue & purple or ombre effect?

 I love a good old tie dye look, my inner hippie loves to come out in the summer and i think its a great way to make something unique and its so easy as well! Here is some of my inspiration:

Inspiration from Lavish Alice, Topshop, IndigoThrift, Dorothy Perkins and UO

Song of the week: Muma I'm gonna sing - EJ such a nice feel good song :)


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