Sunday, 17 June 2012

life updates

Birthday cake, helping me through revision, OOTD, best drink

hungover breakfast, gold card! jubilee party and cake 
visiting exeter, my early birthday cake, good to be home - nom breakfast, latest obsession

Sorry i've been a bit absent recently but here's a bit of a photo diary for what I've been up to, since finishing exams i've been relaxing a lot and enjoying the end of my freshers year, also theres been a lot of friends birthdays meaning lots of yummy cake. I'm now back at home and i've got so many posts that I'm meaning to do so bear with me and soon there'll be lots of nice things to read :)

Hope everyone has had a nice may and June so far!


  1. great pictures! All that food looks so yummy!

  2. So much cake! And it all looks delicious!
    Hope you had a lovely birthday.
    Mel x