Saturday, 28 July 2012

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Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Lush - Mask of Magnaminty Face Mask

£4.75 for 125g

After trying the blueberry Catastrophe Cosmetic mask (review) I thought I would give this a go.
The Mask of Magnaminty costs £4.75 for a 125g pot, this is what I have as  I thought it'd be best to try it with a small pot first. I have used this twice so far and I've still got a lot of left so I can see it lasting for over 10 uses. Which is pretty good value - especially in comparison to the fresh face masks.

Describes itself as a 'Face and Back Pack' -
"Deeply cleansing, toning and exfoliating, pepperminty masks. Refreshes and brightens all it touches"

Bentonite Gel, Kaolin
Honey - to moisturise and an antiseptic
Peppermint oil -stimulates blood and gives cooling feeling.
Ground aduki beans and evening primrose seeds- exfoliate face when removing the mask without being too harsh on sensitive skin
Marigold oil and chlorophyllin treat the skin

First thing I noticed as I put it onto my skin was the smell - pepperminty which made it very cooling on the face and it stays like that, a bit tingly, until the mask dries. It applies very easily, much better than the catastrophe cosmetic (review), and is easy to spread evenly onto the face (or just trouble areas)-  I used my fingers for this. Its a strong green colour so does look a bit scary when applied but it dries nicely without flaking and it turns more of a grey-green.
When dried (about 15mins) it does feel a bit tight on your face but I quite like that feeling and if you didn't I think a drying mask isn't good for you. I washed it off with a flannel and warm water, (I wouldn't recommend a white flannel as it would get pretty grubby but it does wash out.)
It come off really nicely and just melts off the face

My skin was left smooth, soft and refreshed. The good thing about this mask is that despite being aimed at oily/blemished skin it doesn't dry out your skin but leaves it feeling really nice. As for reduction of spots, I think it takes time, its not instant and because it brings them to the surface after just one use your skin might actually be worse but I feel like with continued use it would benefit the skin.

Monday, 9 July 2012

DIY dip dye  Denim Shorts

I spoke a while ago about my obsession with tie dye (blog post here) and how I planned to dye a maxi skirt.. here is probably the first in a series of DIY as I really enjoy being a bit artsy crafty - wish I was back in primary school haha!

So here we go!

You will need:
- Shorts to dye (or any other item)
- Packet of dye - I used DYLON in the colour Ocean Blue and got it from John Lewis for hand dying not washing machine
- Bucket large enough to put your dye and shorts into
- Salt (to mix into the dye)
- Warm water 
- Cold Water
- Old wooden spoon
- Newspaper to protect the floor
- Gloves to protect your hands
- Clothes hanger - useful when drying the finish result.

This is the dye I used

 Step 1- Mix up the dye in the bucket by following the instructions on the packet. I only used half the packet as I knew this would be enough,

Step 2 - Wet the shorts in warm water - this allows the dye to grab into the fabric and absorb more colour. I just did this to the bottom of my shorts and I want the bottom to by dyed. (see below)

Step 3 - Place the shorts into the bucket up to where you want the dye to be (note: it may run higher than you expect). Hold in place for about 5 minutes.

Step 4 - Repeat step 3, moving the shorts further out of the dye mixture again. Repeat this as many times as desired the more steps you do the more the ombre affect will blend together. I actually left the last bit in for about 30 mins as I wanted the colour to be really intense.

Step 5- Hang the shorts on a hanger and leave in a place to dry (I found outside good but then I moved them inside at night)

This is what they looked like when still wet

and dry - sorry for the bad lighting!
 Because there is a lot of dye I thought it would be nice to also dip dye a t-shirt so I got this white one from New Look and using the same dye I repeated the above step but with this top. Because cotton grabs colour much easier than denim it actually only took a few mins to do the whole dying process :)

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed!
Let me know if you give this ago, or have any other kind of DIY ideas.. I love stuff like this! :)

Cate x

Birthday Topshop Haul

Hey just thought i'd share with you some things from Topshop I bought in the sale and with my birthday money.

Bag - this is a great sized bag, with a zip and both a cross body strap and a normal strap so its great for uni books and I used it on the airplane coming back, its perfect for that!

Shoes - These black suede pumps have been stuck to my feet pretty much everyday since I got them - they are so practical and comfy.

Shirt - this is a cropped shirt with two long tie bits at the front. I love checked shirts so much! I probably have too many. but this is so soft and it has long sleeves

Maxi dress - This was actually the only thing I got that wasn't in the sale and it was from the 'buy it now' section, I'm really loving the aztec prints atm, unfortunately this dress is a bit see through, so you definitely have to wear something under it!

Sunday, 8 July 2012

Jemma Kidd - Glamour Palette

I got this Jemma Kidd Palette a few months ago from Buyapowa. The RRP is £28 but I got it for an amazing £11.50 
It includes an eye shadow (and lip) base, 5 neutral eye shadows, a black creme eye liner, creme lip and cheek colour and two mini brushes. This is the perfect travel companion as it has everything you might need to go from a day-to-night look. It also has a great sized mirror.

Lip/ Eye shadow base - I have not used this as a lip colour, as I don't like really nude lips. But it is really good as an eye shadow base, preventing them from creasing and making them last longer.

Eye shadows (left to right)
Cream - A really nice quality pale cream with a very slight shimmer which works well at light reflecting. Perfect for brow highlight or inner eye brightener.

Taupe - Perfect everyday shade, again it has a very slight golden shimmer but it just makes it so beautiful on your eyes. Really nice all over lid colour

Silver - A really cool toned silver, it leans slightly bluey. Probably my least worn shadow as I tend to favour warm toned colours.

Charcoal - A dark silver which is nice to use for night time smokey eye. Again quite blue toned, it can be built up nicely into quite a dark colour.

Dark Brown - Very dark brown with black tones, it has a golden shimmer through it. It would work perfectly with the cream and the taupe blended into a brown smokey eye. 

Black Cream Liner - Quite creamy consistency however, I prefer to use this as an black eye shadow rather than a liner as I feel you don't have much control over it. However it does deliver quite an opaque black colour. (apologies its badly swatched)

Lip and Cheek cream- (in colour 'Apricot' - I don't think this is a good description). This has a really nice consistency, really creamy and silky. I feel as a cheek colour it is too pink for me. It remains as a cream so it gives a nice dewy flush. On the lips it's a nice bright pinky orange colour and its nice and light for summer. Pretty good colour pay off.

Saturday, 7 July 2012

Nars Luster - Blush

I have had this for quite a while now and it has quickly become one of my favourite blushers. I bought mine from ASOS where they are £20.50. So this product is definitely high end! I felt like treating myself during exams and when I saw that ASOS were doing a 20% off some beauty items I thought that it would be the perfect time to get a Nars blusher, as they are so highly raved about!

It took my ages to decide on which colour I would go for as I wanted something that I would wear, not something that I would go off easily, especially seeing as they are not cheap! I had to just trust internet swatches and blog reviews as there isn't a counter near me. I feel this is why blogs are so good, as they give an honest opinion and good quality photos :)

Nars Blush in Luster is described by Nars as a 'sheer golden apricot' which i'd say is spot on. Its a perfect combination between a blush, bronze and highlight as it has a lovely golden sheen to it - not too much glitter but just the perfect amount and due to the slightly bronze colour its perfect for getting a subtle holiday glow.
I would say this is quite a sheer colour but can be easily built up. It looks very natural, however I would say if you were any darker than NC/W 25  in MAC terms (I'm NW20) then this wouldn't really show up on your skin tone.

I personally love the NARS packaging, they are quite small 4.8g but they feel really nice and come with a good mirror inside. Unfortunately this material does get a bit grubby with fingers etc. but that cannot be avoided.

Overall, I love this product and I'm glad I spent the money. I don't know if I would buy another one as they are expensive and I love a lot of cheaper blushes such as Bourjous, MAC etc. But I do think it is a well loved and used part of my makeup bag

Do you have any NARS blushers? If so which?

Cate x

Friday, 6 July 2012

MAC - Cut a Caper - Lipstick

I went into MAC yesterday as I had heard that their 'Heavenly Creature' collection  had come out and brought with it a re-release of the hyped up lipstick colour Cut a Caper. I couldn't resist having a look as from what I'd seen on other blogs, this colour was right up my street.

The collection is fairly large including - 5 lipsticks, 5 lip glasses, 4 mineralise blushes, 4 mineralise skin finishes, 9 mineralised eye shadows and a few pieces of skin care.

Price: Same as a normal MAC lipstick £13.50 (so mid range price i'd say)

Colour: MAC describe this lipstick as a mid tone peachy pink. Although I would say this is right when swatched, in bullet form it looks like a very bright, vibrant coral pink. This colour pay off does not come off very strong on the lips and is much more subtle.

Finish: Lustre. Meaning is it light, quite sheer and with a slight glossy look to it (in a good way). When on the lips it is quite sheer and no where near as scary as how it look in the bullet. Its a perfect everyday summer colour and formulation as its bright, yet light and you don't have to worry much about it spreading half way across your face.

Packaging: This is a limited edition colour yet the packaging is the same as normal - black and sturdy with a silver band and 'MAC' written on it.

This was a it of an impulse buy but to be honest i'm glad i've got it. I can definately see myself getting a lot of wear out of this and I can tell you its already sold out online so if you want it - you best hurry!

I did also like the look of 'Pleasure seeker' which is a creamy peach - however it is very similar to Shy Girl and due to it being a glaze finish, extremely sheer and my lips are quite pigmented I don't think it'd do much for me

Have you seen the new collection? What do you think?
Will you be getting anything?

Cate x

JUNE - Birthday & Ireland

Here is a little photo diary from June, which is when I had my birthday, finished uni and went to northern Ireland with my family.

Birthday meal with friends back home
Pimms o'clock

Temple of youth - Mount Stewart

Mount Stewart
Mount Stewart

Castle Ward
Castle Ward
Castle Ward
I hope you've all had a lovely June! Let me know what you've been up to..
Sorry for my absence but I didn't take my laptop away with me and now i'm just getting back to normal so expect some posts :)

Cate x

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

My first ever MAC lipstick - Shy Girl

Surprisingly, it took me a long time to invest in a MAC lipstick, despite becoming a lipstick addict, I just couldn't bring myself to splurge the money, and I had no idea which one to get! The shade choice is outstanding with soo many colours in a range of formulas from nudes to pinks to peaches to reds to vampy plums. There is bound to be one to suit you!

That is probably one of the reasons it took me so long.
I wanted to get a really easy, wearable colour, one for everyday. I'm not really a pink lipstick kinda girl so I instantly gravitated towards ones with an orangey undertone.

Shy girl is the perfect peachy nude for me. It's got a slight orange look to it but it's very subtle and very wearable. It's cremesheen formula meaning its moisturising with a slight sheen. It's not frosty but just the right amounts of glossy look. My lips are extremely dry so it's perfect for someone like me.