Monday, 9 July 2012

DIY dip dye  Denim Shorts

I spoke a while ago about my obsession with tie dye (blog post here) and how I planned to dye a maxi skirt.. here is probably the first in a series of DIY as I really enjoy being a bit artsy crafty - wish I was back in primary school haha!

So here we go!

You will need:
- Shorts to dye (or any other item)
- Packet of dye - I used DYLON in the colour Ocean Blue and got it from John Lewis for hand dying not washing machine
- Bucket large enough to put your dye and shorts into
- Salt (to mix into the dye)
- Warm water 
- Cold Water
- Old wooden spoon
- Newspaper to protect the floor
- Gloves to protect your hands
- Clothes hanger - useful when drying the finish result.

This is the dye I used

 Step 1- Mix up the dye in the bucket by following the instructions on the packet. I only used half the packet as I knew this would be enough,

Step 2 - Wet the shorts in warm water - this allows the dye to grab into the fabric and absorb more colour. I just did this to the bottom of my shorts and I want the bottom to by dyed. (see below)

Step 3 - Place the shorts into the bucket up to where you want the dye to be (note: it may run higher than you expect). Hold in place for about 5 minutes.

Step 4 - Repeat step 3, moving the shorts further out of the dye mixture again. Repeat this as many times as desired the more steps you do the more the ombre affect will blend together. I actually left the last bit in for about 30 mins as I wanted the colour to be really intense.

Step 5- Hang the shorts on a hanger and leave in a place to dry (I found outside good but then I moved them inside at night)

This is what they looked like when still wet

and dry - sorry for the bad lighting!
 Because there is a lot of dye I thought it would be nice to also dip dye a t-shirt so I got this white one from New Look and using the same dye I repeated the above step but with this top. Because cotton grabs colour much easier than denim it actually only took a few mins to do the whole dying process :)

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed!
Let me know if you give this ago, or have any other kind of DIY ideas.. I love stuff like this! :)

Cate x

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