Friday, 6 July 2012

MAC - Cut a Caper - Lipstick

I went into MAC yesterday as I had heard that their 'Heavenly Creature' collection  had come out and brought with it a re-release of the hyped up lipstick colour Cut a Caper. I couldn't resist having a look as from what I'd seen on other blogs, this colour was right up my street.

The collection is fairly large including - 5 lipsticks, 5 lip glasses, 4 mineralise blushes, 4 mineralise skin finishes, 9 mineralised eye shadows and a few pieces of skin care.

Price: Same as a normal MAC lipstick £13.50 (so mid range price i'd say)

Colour: MAC describe this lipstick as a mid tone peachy pink. Although I would say this is right when swatched, in bullet form it looks like a very bright, vibrant coral pink. This colour pay off does not come off very strong on the lips and is much more subtle.

Finish: Lustre. Meaning is it light, quite sheer and with a slight glossy look to it (in a good way). When on the lips it is quite sheer and no where near as scary as how it look in the bullet. Its a perfect everyday summer colour and formulation as its bright, yet light and you don't have to worry much about it spreading half way across your face.

Packaging: This is a limited edition colour yet the packaging is the same as normal - black and sturdy with a silver band and 'MAC' written on it.

This was a it of an impulse buy but to be honest i'm glad i've got it. I can definately see myself getting a lot of wear out of this and I can tell you its already sold out online so if you want it - you best hurry!

I did also like the look of 'Pleasure seeker' which is a creamy peach - however it is very similar to Shy Girl and due to it being a glaze finish, extremely sheer and my lips are quite pigmented I don't think it'd do much for me

Have you seen the new collection? What do you think?
Will you be getting anything?

Cate x

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