Sunday, 20 January 2013

American Apparel Riding Pants

I have been lusting after the american apparel riding pants for a long while now, especially when I see Shope and Shore from London's Closet  as those girls have the BEST style, if you haven't seen there blog before, be sure to check it out. Above are a few examples of Shope styling the riding pants.
Another blogger/youtuber who made me crave the riding pants is Sian from Shutterbug - she has really great styling videos (check them out here)

SO when this message (below) popped into my email inbox I was soo excited

American Apparel Family and Friends 30% off!
So yeah this runs out TONIGHT the code is BFF2013

I ordered some in black and I cannot WAIT for them to arrive :)

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  1. <3 disco pants too.

    Now following on GFC - would you like to follow each other :)

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    Thanks :)