Wednesday, 27 March 2013

to cut?

Cheryl Cole 
Fearne Cotton
Alexa Chung

 I can't stop thinking about cutting my hair short..
Am I mad? Probs.
My hair is currently about boob level but I've always wanted it to be just below them.. yet recently all I can think about is having a shorter do.
I think it'll be easier to manage but who knows weather i'll actually have the balls to do it!

Maybe in a few months..
I don't know why i'm so worried about cutting my hair short. I think its good to experiment, espeically when it'll grow back eventually, but when people tell you "you'll regret it" it makes you think twice doesn't it?

I love Cheryl's texturised bob, but I think thats a little too short for me. I think that Alexa and Claudia's effortless tousled look will be how i'd wear my hair daily, yet I think that Fearne's sleek and straight hair also looks gorgeous!

Cate xx

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